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Getting Started with React.js - Concepts and Creating Your First App

React.js is all the rage these days...and there's good reason. Here's a quick tutorial to get you up and running with this great JS framework.

Native Javascript Templating - Goodbye Handlebars

Ditch your javascript template plugin for a native javascript template solution you can use in your next app.

Build a local search based app with geolocation

Use native browser based geolocation and Yahoo's YQL to build a local search based webapp.

simpleStore - Open-source online store with no database or backend

simpleStore is a clean, responsive storefront boilerplate built with HTML, CSS and Javascript. No database or backend. simpleStore is built on simpleCart.js and Skeleton CSS Framework and for a lightweight, fast, simple to use, and completely customizable experience. See a demo here.

Intro to using SQLite with PHP

SQLite is a serverless, configuration-free and reliable database engine used on everything from iPods to Mobile apps. It can also be used for small web applications as well. With SQLite, you can get an application up and running without worrying about a full blown MySQL or PostgreSQL server install...and best of all it can be easily backed up or put into version control.

Install Vagrant on Debian

I ran into some linux header issues when installing Virtualbox, so here is a few tips to make sure it builds smoothly.

Getting Started with Slim Framework - Part 2

This is part 2 of the Getting Started with Slim Framework tutorial in which we will build a frontend interface to access our API.

Tips to Speed Up SSH Connections

Ever run across laggy SSH connections when trying to type? Here are few tips to speed up connections.

Sync your Preferences Across Multiple Computers with GIT

Here's quick trick for syncing your dotfiles across multiple computers with GIT. This way, you can always have the most up to date copy of your bash profile or vimrc without having to worry about manually copying them.

itg_flat Theme for VIM

Port of the awesome Sublime Text theme itg.flat with some minor tweaks.